The Postville Project

Documenting a Community in Transition

Postville Water Tower

Postville Exhibit

This exhibit has been created to share the memories and stories of the town of Postville before, during and after the 2008 immigration raid. By highlighting some of the materials that are available within
The Postville Project collections we hope to enhance the understanding and memory of the town and the events that took place surrounding the raid. This project is intended to engage learners with the story of a rural town in northeast Iowa that was greatly impacted by industrial development, new immigrants and one of the largest workplace immigration raids in U.S. history.  

The Luther College Archives manages several of the collections in The Postville Project as part of their physical repository. This includes the Iowa Department of Labor collection, the La Historia de Nuestras Vidas: The Story of Our Lives collection, the Georgie Klevar collection, the Rubashkin court testimonies and Sister Mary McCauley's manuscript collection. Please contact the Luther College Archives to if you would like more information about viewing these materials in their original form.