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The sign on the edge of Postville that greets visitors and residents.

This report examines the consequences of parental arrest, detention, and deportation on 190 children in 85 families in six locations, providing in-depth details on parent-child separations, economic hardships, and…

20080511.Activists worried about immigration raid in Waterloo.pdf
Newspaper article from May 11, 2008, Courier: Immigration rights activists are concerned that the federal government may be planning an immigration raid on workers in Waterloo similar to one carried out in Marshalltown in 2006.

20080512.Area Hispanics scurry to get paperwork in line.pdf
Newspaper article from May 12, 2008, Courier: With a raid by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials seeming almost inevitable many Hispanics in the Cedar Valley spent Monday getting their paperwork in order.

20080512.UPDATE Immigration raid termed largest in Iowa history.pdf
Newspaper article from May 12, 2008, Courier: Immigration officials raided the Agriprocessors Inc. meat processing plant in Postville today, arresting as many as 300 people.

20080512.Vigil at National Cattle Congress.pdf
Newspaper article from May 12, 2008, Courier: A group of 50 or more people are gathered outside the gates of National Cattle Congress tonight in a peaceful vigil on behalf of those people detained at the Agriprocessors Inc. meat processing plant in…

20080513.Postville detainees include Guatemalans, other nationalities, and some juveniles.pdf
Newspaper article from May 13, 2008, Courier: Officials with the U.S. Attorney's office in Cedar Rapids said this morning Monday's raid at Agriprocessors in Postville is the largest enforcement operation at a single site in the United States in terms…
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